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Dairy Fittings

As part of our service to the Dairy and Brewery Industries, Coniston Profiles provide a wide range of fittings and adaptors. Whilst many of these parts can be fitted to our BREWERS and DAIRY HOSE as a complete assembly, they are also available individually as Adaptors, Reducers, Bends and Weld Neck fittings. Available with or without VALVES Male and Female parts in 316 Stainless Steel are offered to such industries.

This is a range of fittings commonly used in the dairy industry. All are designed to be butt welded to O.D Pipe.

RJT - Ring Joint Type.
IDF - International Dairy Fitting.
DIN -German Standard.
S.M.S. - Swedish Metric System.
Sizes - 1"-4".

The above parts will suit any of our Flexible Hoses and can be hygienically swaged. These are manufactured with a serrated hose tail.

All swaged assemblies are fully tested and certified.


Dairy Fittings
Tri Clamp Fittings
Camlock Couplings
Camlock Couplings

Camlock Couplings

For quick, tight leakproof connections to PIPES, HOSE, TUBING, and TANKS in sizes ranging from 1/2 to 12 manufactured in Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Polypropylene. They enable pipe and hose connections to be made without the use of hand tools thus eliminating the difficulty in making threaded connections or a flanged connection.

Almost instantly connections can be made to an outlet, a faucet, a valve, a storage tank or coupling lengths of hose.

Connection is made by simply pushing the coupler. over the adaptor and pulling the arms down to the sides of the coupler.

Cam-couplings are standard throughout the Petroleum industry where leak-proofness, speed and simplicity of connection and utmost reliability are required.

The size for couplers or adaptors corresponds to the nominal size of the hose or pipe to which it will be connected.

STANDARD SIZES ARE 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2",2 1/2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12". Thread sizes available are:- BSP Straights, BSP Tapered, NPT and NST fire hose thread.

PART 'A'- Male adaptor with female thread.
PART 'B'- Female coupler with male thread.
PART 'C'- Female coupler with hose tail.
PART 'D'- Female coupler with female thread.
PART 'E' - Male adaptor with hose tail.
PART 'F' - Male adaptor with male thread.


Quick Disconnect Couplings

FAST EFFICIENT OPERATION - connector disconnects in seconds. To connect, pull back the sleeve, insert the nipple into the coupler and release. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve, remove the nipple and the halves are disconnected.

DEPENDABLE OPERATION - ball-lock mechanism provides a positive connection. Hardened Stainless Steel Balls along with a rediused and induction hardened (Steel) ball race mechanism gives extended life to this coupling.

ADVANTAGES - two-piece body construction permits larger flow passages than the designated size of the coupling Snaptite provides a smooth flow with a jet stream valve design which helps maintain a clear linear flow. Positive positioning of the valve aids in maintaining a steady, even flow under normal working conditions.

FLOW ON CONNECTION - valves are designed to automatically open in both the coupler and nipple halves when the unit is connected permitting maximum free flow.

SHUT-OFF ON DISCONNECTION - valves are designed to automatically close under normal usage conditions in both the coupler and nipple halves when the unit is disconnected. Spare parts are available or full couplers from 1/4" up to 1". SNAP-TITE can handle Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). It's patented safety feature in the nozzle prevents disconnection while pressurized at 350psi (25BAR) or more.

DESIGN VERSATILITY  allows Snaptite to handle individual requirements. Modification and special designs are a result of working closely with the customer.

FEATURES INCLUDE Dry Break designs Poppet Valve designs Serialization Control Drawings Material, End fittings, Sizes and Pressures to suit the needs of the customer's applications.

Quick Disconnect Couplings
Clamp Fittings


A wide range of Bolt Clamps are available for securing and tightening.
Sizes range from 17-252mm.

CONSTRUCTED from Low Carbon Mild Steel, finished with a Zinc-Plating. Stainless Steel Clamps of the same design can be made to order. Each dip has its range stamped in millimetres on the band, for ease of identification.

Bolt clamps are a stronger alternative to wormdrive clips, able to withstand greater pressures, whilst being completely reusable. They can be used for the secure attachment of fittings to many types of hose, including P.V.C, Rubber and Silicone etc.

Mechanically locked band ends (No welding). This feature provides significantly increased tightening capability and UPTO 70% HIGHER BAND TENSION for improved sealing of Hoses.

- Stainless steel band with plated carbon.
- Steel bolt. Plated carbon steel band and bolt.
- All stainless steel grade 304.
- Datasheets and table of recommended tightening torques available.

DOUBLE BOLT CLAMPS where greater strength, higher pressures, larger diameters or greater end pulls are encountered. Available in two band widths, 20mm and 25mm and in sizes up to 350mm diameter. Manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel and Plated Steel.

BAND-IT BAND in 201 Stainless Steel, the industry standard. It has superior tensile strength properties to provide maximum clamping strength.

BAND IT BUCKLES have unique teeth and ears for maximum damping.

Brass Female Lugged Swivel Fitting
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