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Fluid Seals

FEP /Encapsulated ‘O’-Rings

Quickly becoming a popular choice. A chemically inert & sanitary assured ‘O’-Seal manufactured to FDA USP V1 Compliance which can combine ultimate chemical resistance with the compressibility of a rubber core.

Select your preferred core material to satisfy the application (VITON & SILICONE Rubber are most commonly used).

-Temp Range: - 60 degrees C to +260 degrees C
-Fluid & Oil Seals: Ranging from 3mm ID up to 1900mm diameter in popular materials such as Rubber/ Polyurethane/ PU/ Spring Loaded.

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Teflon ‘O’-Rings & Machined Components.

Close tolerances demand a machined or moulded component to guarantee the perfect sealing element.

Where temperature and chemical resistance is an issue we recommend considering PTFE ( Teflon ).

British Standard and German Metric sizes available from stock.

A range of ‘O-Rings and Seals in both British Standard and Metric sizes are readily available from stock.

Manufactured in a wide range of materials to suit any application we can offer a sealing element of your choice in the following polymers: VITON, KALREZ®, NITRILE, NEOPRENE, BUNA N, EPDM, PTFE, SILICONE & POLYURETHANE.

White FDA USP V1 Compliant polymers are also stocked to suit our growing pharmaceutical and food-related customer base.

Vulcanised O-Rings & Seals

Using moulded ‘O’-Ring Cord we can vulcanise any cross-section of rubber extrusion in many different polymers.

Our scarf cut & vulcanised process allows us to join the most difficult shapes to allow for the production of a non-standard size especially those in excess of 1900mm ID, perfect for static applications.

Specialised Seals Include

Dupont Kalrez® FFKM Perfluoroelastomers in grades 4079 6375 1050LF 3018 plus popular FDA USP V1 grades : 6230 & 6221

We stock many popular BS sizes for when a quick turnaround is needed.

To identify the seal you need please specify:

  • Housing Depth

  • Static or Dynamic

  • Durometer

  •  Housing Diameter

  • Material Type

  • Compression Rate

Different O Rings
Kalrez Sealed o rings
Rotary Shaft Seals
PTFE Components on gray table

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